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The Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program of BC

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

If I come from out-of-town, will my travel, accommodation and living expenses be covered?

Unfortunately, these expenses will not be covered and will be the donor’s responsibility.

Are the health care costs related to the collection of stem cells covered?

Yes. The cost of the G-CSF therapy as well as the donor’s health care costs related to the stem cell collection are covered by the Province of British Columbia.

How long would I need to take time off work?

We strongly recommend that you plan to stay in Vancouver for at least 3 weeks.

If I come from out-of-town, do I have to purchase insurance?

It is strongly recommended that you purchase travel, medical and flight cancellation insurance if you do not have such coverage. We make this recommendation to our donors because changes are very often made to admission and transplant schedules with very short notice. For example, cancelling flight reservations will be costly if you do not purchase cancellation insurance.

Will there be any last minute changes to my stem cell collection schedule?

Last minute changes to the stem cell collection schedule are very common! This is because the stem cell collection schedule is directly affected by your sibling’s transplant schedule.

Transplant schedules can be moved ahead or delayed with very short notice depending on bed availability or the health of the patient. Stem cells are preferably collected as close to the transplant date as possible so they stay “fresh”.

For this reason, we emphasize to our donors that they need to be very flexible and be prepared for last minute changes. Purchasing travel and flight cancellation insurance is also highly recommended for the same reason.

If your work or home life absolutely cannot accommodate last minute changes, please discuss this with the BMT doctor as soon as possible.

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