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The Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program of BC

Practical Topics: Legal Considerations
Living Wills

It is important to know that a living will on its own has no legal effect. A living will must fit within a Representation Agreement for it to have legal authority. It is another piece of information that will enable your Representative to carry out your wishes. You may consider it important to put in writing the limits of treatment you wish to receive should your condition deteriorate. Putting your wishes in writing may make it easier on your next of kin, as they will clearly know how you feel, and what you want for yourself.

Please note that if you do want to put limits on the treatment you will be receiving, or do not want specific types of medical intervention, please discuss this with your hematologist. Owing to their many years of experience, they are often able to add a perspective that you possibly had not considered, and it is best to have the most accurate information when making your decision.

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