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The Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program of BC

Patient Education
T15 Leukemia/BMT Inpatient Unit

What to Bring

During your hospital stay, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. If a lengthy stay is anticipated, you may want to have some important and special items that comfort you nearby.

This is a list of items that aren’t required, but which you may wish to bring.  Each patient has a small three drawer dresser and a small closet for storage of personal items.
Please keep in mind that less is better:  it is difficult to clean cluttered surfaces.

What Can I Bring?

  • Cell phones* (phones provided at bedside: free incoming calls, charges for outgoing)

  • Laptops or tablets* (basic Wi-Fi free on unit, charges for premium)
    Pictures of family/friends/pets/places - use blue tack, no tape/tacks on walls please

  • Loose fitting clothing, ideally with buttons up the front – pajama tops & pants available on unit

  • One Pillow & One blanket – linens available on unit
    Soft hat or head scarf

  • No laundry facilities available, laundry to be taken home and washed by caregivers

  • Toiletries (no sharing): soft toothbrush (replace every 3 months), lip balm, toothpaste without whitening, deodorant, flossing is ok if you’ve always flossed

  • Cosmetics/creams should be in “presentable” condition – mild or fragrance free

  • A comforter or quilt
  • Electric shaver – no wet shaving

  • Soft toilet paper or baby wipes
  • Small cooler that can be cleaned and brought home every night
  • Non-perishable snacks - no fridge available for patient use
  • Popsicles – give to nurse to go directly to freezer, box not to enter patient’s room
  • Non-slip slippers
  • Music, audiobooks, podcasts, headphones
  • Books, journals, magazines, bibles or other religious items
  • Drawing materials, colouring books, small puzzles, etc.
  • Small amount of cash*

What Can't I Bring?

  • Kettles, hot plates, rice cookers, any small appliances – safety risk and fire risk
  • Electric blanket, heating pad, hot water bottles – chemo changes your skin, these can seriously burn you
  • Fans – they blow dust and bacteria around
  • Electric Cooler – they have a fan
  • Consoles, TVs, fridges, furniture – too big and a safety hazard

* Please be careful with valuable items, the hospital is not responsible if they become lost or are broken. Avoid leaving phones, glasses, etc. hidden in bed sheets or on meal trays.


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