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The Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program of BC

T15 Leukemia/BMT Inpatient Unit
General Information

Facility & Admission Overview


The Leukemia/BMT Inpatient Unit is located on the 14th and 15th floors of the Jim Pattison Pavilion. It is often referred to as Tower 15 or T15.

Jim Pattison Pavilion can be accessed from the main hospital entrance on West 12th Avenue. There is an elevator to the 15th floor in the Jim Pattison Pavilion.

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The Unit

The 15th floor unit is equipped with a special HEPA-filtered positive pressure air filtration system, which protects patients by minimizing their exposure to organisms, while allowing them to move freely about the unit.

Patients on the 14th floor need a mask to leave their rooms, there is no filter on the 14th floor.

The Leukemia/BMT Inpatient Unit phone number is 604-875-4343.

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The Rooms

T15 RoomThe Leukemia/BMT Inpatient Unit has a total of 35 beds, with 17 private rooms and 9 semi-private rooms containing 2 beds each.

Private rooms have their own bathrooms, with a shower. Semi-private rooms have full bathrooms. Patients assigned to semi-private rooms may use the common shower available on the unit.

You will be assigned a room dependent on availability. It is not guaranteed that the room you are originally given will remain your room until you are discharged from hospital. Private rooms are required for isolation or acutely ill patients.

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The Amenities

Each room has a telephone and TV. You will have a bedside drawer and small closet for your personal belongings. Use of the TV is free of charge, however, there is a daily rate for telephone access. Basic Wi-Fi is available at no charge, premium Wi-Fi can be purchased.

All rooms have a dry-erase drawing board for messages, calendar of treatments and other events. This board may also be used for pictures, card and posters. You may borrow some reusable tape from the Front Desk for the board. Please do not use any kind of tape on the walls, as it will damage the paint. 

Each room comes equipped with ceiling mounted patient lifts and a call-bell system with intercom. Patients may call for assistance by using the call button located at each bedside and in each bathroom. You will be shown how to use this when you arrive on the Inpatient Unit. The nursing staff change shifts at 7am and 7pm. We request that you keep non-urgent requests to a minimum during this time.

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Patients admitted to the Inpatient Unit are generally acutely ill, or requiring high dose chemotherapy, or undergoing a blood and marrow transplant. These patients can be newly diagnosed, returning for further chemotherapy treatment or returning due to complications from previous treatment.

The Leukemia/BMT Program of BC maintains a computerized wait-list for patients requiring admission to hospital for treatment. This wait-list includes an "ideal date" for each patient's admission to hospital.

However, in many cases, patients cannot be admitted to hospital on their ideal date due to lack of an available bed. Rest assured that the BMT Coordinators and the Clinical Director prioritize prospective admissions on a daily basis. As well, all health care team members discuss each patient on the wait-list at least once per week.

Priority for admission is always given to patients who are acutely ill and require urgent or emergent care as an inpatient on T15. Patients who are considered medically stable should be aware that their admission might be delayed, occasionally with less than 24 hours notice, by unforeseen events.

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