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The Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program of BC

Patient Education
T15 Leukemia/BMT Inpatient Unit


Criteria for Discharge

Patients receiving a transplant can usually expect to be in hospital for at least three weeks. The health care team ensures that you are stable enough to permit monitoring as an outpatient before discharging you. A few criteria that need to be met prior to discharge are:

  • Blood cell counts (white cells, red cells and platelets) have reached a satisfactory level. You may still need blood product transfusions as an outpatient.
  • There are no complications present that would stop you from being monitored as an outpatient.
  • Your status is stable enough to permit monitoring on an outpatient basis.
  • You are able to maintain adequate fluid intake and eat a satisfactory diet with sufficient calories to maintain weight.
  • You have sufficient strength and mobility to attend regular clinic visits.
  • You or your caregiver is able to care for your Hickman® line.
  • You are able to take the required medications.
  • You have a suitable place to live, preferably within 45 minutes of the hospital, while attending the Outpatient Daycare Unit.

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Preparations for Discharge

Plan to stay in the Vancouver area for several weeks after you are discharged. There may be some exceptions to this rule; however, you should be aware of this and make the necessary arrangements without delay. This is necessary so your progress may be monitored closely in the Leukemia/BMT Daycare Outpatient Unit. 

Before you are discharged, the clinical pharmacist will see you. They will thoroughly discuss your discharge medications with you before you leave. They will review the purpose of each medication as well as the dose, time, special instructions and major side effects and drug interactions. The pharmacist will provide you with a medication calendar to help you keep track. Keep it with you at all times.

If you are taking care of your own Hickman® line at home, the nurse will provide you with a supply kit unless the Hickman® line is to be removed shortly after your discharge.


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