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The Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program of BC

Patient Education
CP6 Leukemia/BMT Daycare Outpatient Unit

Preventing Infection

Hand Washing

We cannot stress enough how important hand washing is. Therefore we mention it time and time again. It is the most important thing you and your caregiver(s) can do to help prevent the spread of germs and infection.

Upon entering the Leukemia/BMT Daycare, there will be liquid/gel hand cleanser by the door. All persons - patients, visitors and hospital staff - are asked to use it when entering and leaving the unit.

For more information about Preventing Infection, go to Patient Education > Your Responsibilities > Preventing Infection

Isolation Procedures

When entering the Leukemia/BMT Daycare, if you are experiencing respiratory symptoms such as sore throat, sniffles and/or cough, even if it is mild, please wear a mask before you proceed to the front desk.  Masks can be found near the door as you enter the unit. They are next to the liquid hand cleanser.

Please inform the staff if you have developed an unexplained skin rash, respiratory symptoms or other infection. Any one of these may require you to be isolated from other patients.

When isolation is necessary, you will be assigned a room to yourself (or you may share a room with another patient with the same infection). If you are isolated for respiratory symptoms/infections it will only be necessary for you and anyone accompanying you to wear a mask while outside your designated room. Strict hand washing is required when leaving your room. Staff will wear protective gear when entering.

Isolation procedures will remain in effect until it is determined that the risk to other patients has passed.

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