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The Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program of BC

Your Relationships
With Yourself

Tips from Former Patients

  • Give yourself permission to feel anxious and stressed about whatever it is that is bothering you. At the same time, try to keep incidents in perspective, and not overreact to small setbacks or minor crises. These are all to be expected when dealing with a serious illness.
  • If you have an anxiety attack, try to think about what in particular may have set it off. If you cannot pinpoint it, don’t worry about it and move on.
  • Try to become aware of your body’s symptoms. Don’t let them scare you, let them talk to you.
  • Listen very closely to your “self talk”. Are you filling yourself with negative thoughts about a certain situation? What can you say to yourself that will be more comforting?
  • Listen to what those around you are saying. Are you consistently around negative people who want to drag you down with them? If so, how can you change your reaction to their negativity so you will be less affected by it?
  • Do not overwhelm yourself with high expectations and “should haves.” Set realistic goals regarding what and how much you are able to do. Remember that you are doing the best you can, and making the best decisions you can with the information that you are given.
  • Recognise that role changes are difficult to negotiate in the best of circumstances. Do not be hard on yourself when you experience impatience, frustration, sadness, or anger.
  • Give yourself positive reinforcements for even the smallest accomplishments. Give yourself frequent praise and rewards for your patience and endurance.
  • Be willing to walk away from difficult situations to calm down. Try a new approach later.
  • Take one day at a time. Try not to worry about what might happen, as there will always be unknowns on your journey.
  • Use your sense of humour! It relieves stress and can be a positive emotional release.

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