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The Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program of BC

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Our Team

Social Workers


There are two Social Workers with the Leukemia /BMT Program. They both look after patients and their loved ones on the Inpatient and Outpatient Units. Every patient who is admitted to the Inpatient Unit meets with one of the Social Workers to assess how you and your family are coping, any needs that may arise and practical concerns such as local accommodation, application for income replacement assistance and drug coverage. The Social Workers also meet with patients who are in the Leukemia/Daycare Outpatient Unit either by the request of the patient or referral by a nurse or doctor. Whether you meet with one of the Social Workers as an inpatient or an outpatient, they are here to help you throughout your involvement with the Leukemia/BMT Program. The Social Workers can also link you or your family with community agencies close to home with issues such as counselling for yourself or family members, as well as practical concerns such as transportation, accommodation, financial aid, insurance and disability claims, legal and immigration issues.

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Social Work Services

Upon request, Social Work services include the following:

  1. Psychosocial Assessment. All inpatients receive an in-depth psychosocial assessments to determine whether patients have the financial, emotional, and spiritual resources and coping skills in place to deal with a life-threatening illness; ensuring that patients are referred to and connected with whatever supports are available; and advocating for same to be in place as necessary. The same is available for outpatients as required or requested.
  2. Practical Matters. Patients and their families can get assistance with practical matters including income replacement (such as EI Sick Benefits, Short and Long term disability from employment, CPP Disability and Social Assistance for Persons With a Disability) medical and drug coverage, child care, accommodations, transportation, legal issues (including immigration and refugee status). Your Social Worker can assist you with medical documentation and  completion of forms, and ensuring that they are aware of and/or accessing benefits and services to which they are entitled.
  3. Counselling & Support. BMT Social Workers can provide counselling and support (including meditation and relaxation techniques) to patients and their families as they experience changes in family roles, functions and dynamics as a result of the disease process.
  4. Resources & Support to Children. Support and resources are available to children to facilitate coping with their parent’s illness including referrals to counsellors, support groups and working with teachers and school counsellors as indicated and/or requested.
  5. Adjustments to Transitions. Patients and their families can get help adjusting to the many transitions of a life threatening illness, i.e., from acute to more chronic stages of disease, from outpatient to inpatient and back to outpatient, from acute care to intensive care, from illness to recovery, etc.
  6. Crisis Intervention. BMT Social Workers can provide crisis intervention services as needed.
  7. Family Meetings. BMT Social Workers can help arrange and facilitate family meetings and conferences.
  8. End of Life Issues. BMT Social Workers can provide orientation, education and support to staff, patients and their families around issues relating to loss, anticipatory grieving, and end-of-life issues (including transition to Palliative Care, Advanced Directives and DNR’s, death and dying, and bereavement).

If you require Social Work Services, please do not hesitate to contact us at the contact numbers below. We look forward to meeting with you during your treatment.

Contact Info

  • 604-875-4941 - T15 Inpatient Unit office
  • 604-875-4697 - CP6 Daycare Outpatient Unit office

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