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The Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program of BC

Our Team & Approach
Our Team

Pastoral Care Chaplain

A non-denominational interfaith Chaplain from the Pastoral Care Department is available to attend to religious and spiritual needs. The Chaplain provides spiritual care that is sensitive to and respectful of the diversity within our multicultural milieu. The Chaplain’s primary focus is to enable people to draw upon their religious or spiritual strength as they face the challenges before them. Support, counselling, and sacraments are also part of the services provided by the Chaplain.

You may ask for a visit from the Chaplain through the nursing staff, day or night. You may also call Spiritual Care and Multi-Faith Services directly at 604-875-4151. The department can provide information about churches/temples/synagogues and other places of worship in the area.

An On-Call Chaplain is available in the evenings and on week-ends and holidays to respond to spiritual care emergencies. Specific denominational needs may be accessed through the Leukemia/BMT Chaplain.

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